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Expert Content and Guidance

Leveraging many years of experience in writing, reviewing, and winning SBIR/STTR and other R&D proposals, Satori Scientific offers expert-level proposal writing, strategy development, application process guidance, editing, and final review services. 

Satori Scientific was founded in 2020 by Steve Horowitz, the former CEO of a successful, SBIR-funded sensor consulting/manufacturing business and has a proven track record of success.  Since our founding, the team has grown to include more than 10 technical writers and a proposal manager.   The members of our writing team all have degrees in engineering and science disciplines, most with advanced degrees (MS/PhD/MD) in their fields.


The team has written numerous proposals for Phase I and Phase II across NSF, NASA, DARPA, Navy, Army, Air Force, DOE, NIH, and EPA.


The following specific services are available:

  • Proposal Writing

  • Content Generation

  • Strategy Development

  • Pitch Generation

  • Editing and Proofreading

  • Final Review

  • Application Process Guidance

  • Submission Support

We help to ensure that all sections of every proposal are accurately completed and strategically designed to maximize your chances of winning.

  • Background and Innovation 

  • Technical Objectives 

  • Detailed Technical Description

  • Statement of Work (SOW)

  • Gantt Chart/ Schedule

  • Commercialization Strategy and Plan

  • Budget/Cost Proposal

  • All other required documents and sections

Complete turnkey packages are available at one low flat rate, as well as flexible support at hourly rates.

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